Our Approach to Residential Block management

We believe that residents will respect a well-managed and clean and tidy building; our focus is on making the blocks we manage home for our customers.

Before we get to the services we deliver, can we share a few examples of how our fresh thinking inspired a more effective service?

  • Community approach to saving money:
    Bin stores can be a big deal in a block community. At one of our blocks, we approached the residents to ask if someone would be interested in earning some money by undertaking the bin rotation, this makes sure there is always an empty bin under the chute.
  • Sensible attitude to Security:
    On one building we’ve managed to reduce security issues through a number of practical measures and building good relations with the local Police and Council.
  • Effective time management for early maintenance alerts:
    We use our site visits to check on the main plant checking pressures and temperature readings so we pick up hiccups before they become problems.
  • Using what’s freely available for better communications:
    Our approach to block management is to try and involve the residents in what’s happening in their environment; for example in one building we worked with the residents to set up a closed-group Facebook page which enables us and the residents to share information.
  • Caring approach fosters good community relations:
    From setting up monthly payments for service charges and getting residents involved in local initiatives to improve the environment, to improving the built environment with local art installations, we have found that helping foster a feeling of community and shared ownership in a block scheme has a positive impact on how residents act and care for the building.


Hopefully you can see we work hard for the block community, but we also like to share the workload with local trade’s people and services where possible.So what else do we do? We do our best to be ethical.

As a matter of course our services include:

  • Managing budgets and maintain accounts
  • Organising maintenance – both routine and planned
  • Arranging Insurance
  • Maintaining good communication with Directors of the Management Company and Lessees
  • Staying on top of legal, health and safety and leasehold issues
  • And we don’t receive kickbacks or load charges. It’s your money!