“Thanks so much! I appreciate you guys! I breathe a sigh of relief whenever I find out you’re the managing agents.”

CA, Legal Executive, Local Bristol solicitors, Dec 2022

“We just wanted to let you know we will be moving out of the building effective 09/11/2022. Could you please confirm how we get a meter reading and if there is anything we need to do?

We just wanted to say thank you to the team who look after the Robinson building – you’ve always been great with any questions or queries we have and we appreciate as residents that you always keep us updated!”

S&C, Tenants, The Robinson Building, October2022

“Apologies but I won’t be able to make it to the AGM but I would like to say a big thank you to you and your team for the way you manage the Robinson Building. It’s nine years since I bought the flat, every tenant I’ve had has been really happy living there and I know that the building is being well looked after.”

LO., Leaseholder, The Robinson Building, May 2022

“I understand you guys are taking over the management at (*new development) once it’s completed; I’m in the process of buying one of the flats there and when I saw you guys were going to be managing it, it sealed the deal. Thanks for all your help.”

A.F., Leaseholder, 28 Baldwin Street, January 2022

“To ensure I can make a positive start, please could you share the notes of the meeting(s)?

Bloq are consummate professionals so the ‘to do’ list is probably quite short in comparison to other buildings I am involved with where the list can be overwhelming.

Bloq are certainly the most effective and efficient managing agent I come across in the past 10 years.”

M.W., Leaseholder, 28 Baldwin Street, December 2021

“I cannot recommend Bloq Management highly enough.

We work with a number of building management companies on a daily basis and Bloq are consistently the best of the bunch.

They are quick to respond, helpful and reasonable – it is genuine relief when we are contacted to advise that they are taking over management of communal areas and issues because it means things will actually be resolved.

Head and shoulders above the competition and it always feels they perfectly combine a personal, independent touch while also being big enough to do the job well.

If you are considering a change of building management or going down the right to manage route you will not regret it.”

James Boyack, Bristol letting company (via Google Reviews), July 2021

“I am writing to inform you of the excellent work that Liam Donohue has been doing recently.  Since taking over the building management of 28 Baldwin Street, all issues and queries have been sorted very quickly to a very high standard.  I have recently had a leaking in my ceiling and he has been very reliable and effective in dealing with the freeholder.

He is very professional and clearly, an asset to Bloq.  As owners and residents, it is nice to know that there’s people on our side too!”

Leaseholder, 28 Baldwin Street, February 2021

“Fantastic company. We were previously unhappy with the management company at our current flat. In January, Bloq came on board and have done a fantastic job ever since – long may it continue! We will soon be selling our property and had no difficulty letting our buyer know how confident we are with Bloq.”

Sian, Leaseholder, Barstaple House August 2020

“I have been very impressed with Bloq Management and their employees.  They are honest and open as well as having excellent communication.  I have had two other management companies ‘manage’ my property previously and it is refreshing to work with Bloq who do what they say they will do!  I would definitely recommend Bloq Management.”

Leaseholder, Barstaple House July 2020

“Dear Steve and Team

As July 1st, and changeover to XXXXX, approaches we would like to thank you and your staff for your efforts during the opening and initial running of The Milliners over the last 30 months.

Particular credit is due for your teams considerable input in dealing with the ‘post opening challenges’ relating to the Communal Area ‘snagging’.

We would also note the use of your existing service provider contacts to reduce costs by scheduling visits to tie in with other works in the vicinity.

Whilst writing would particularly like to highlight the input of Cheryl who has always been approachable and willing to assist even in matters beyond her portfolio.

We wish you all the very best for the future.

Kind Regards

On Behalf Of The Milliners Owners Representative Body”

Leaseholder Residents Group, Milliners June 2020

“Great team, always really helpful, even when navigating CV19. Wish they could have been the landlord as well as the building management!”

Tenant, Robinsons Building June 2020

“BLOQ management has superbly managed the Horizon Apartments in Ogmore by Sea for just over two years and we’re saddened to have relinquished their services only because we’re the only Welsh site on their portfolio. They’ve been diligent, proactive and extremely reactive when the need has arisen with a faultless staff in Leanne Phelps and Steve Nightingale as our main contacts. Five star service indeed.”

Leaseholder, Horizon at Ogmore, April 2020

“Paula from Bloq Management provides outstanding professional service to me as a landlord. Her prompt response to my emails, professionally communication and keeping on the ball of actioning anything from her side or letting me know what I need to action anything means I am very happy with her service as a landlord. I can highly recommend them.”

Leaseholder, 28 Baldwin Street June 2019

“Genuinely really gutted to be leaving though, it’s such a nice building, and Bloq has probably been the best building management company I’ve ever dealt with. Maybe will be back at some point, who knows. Would love to buy a flat in the building one day !”

Tenant, Robinsons Building – Bristol. 21.03.18

“On the whole as a resident I’m really happy with the way the site is managed, it always looks really good.”

RS – Resident and Developer. 16.11.17

“Sounds like you have a grip on the light’s issues! I agree entirely with the course of action outlined. Really appreciate you taking a more strategic view of matters.”

PM, Resident, Saint Joseph’s Gardens, Portishead 09.11.17

“That is fantastic – thank you making it all so easy. I like your style!”

LK, Resident, Cathedral House, Cardiff 09.11.17

“They have always provided the highest level of care and service to both us and the residents, and serve to enhance our reputation as well as make a very ‘hassle free’ experience, dealing quickly and deftly with issues as they arise.

They also provide a service over and above that which I have experienced in the past, and have helped us with specification and design to ensure we not only make an interesting and attractive building, but also provide a durable and robust environment that maintains the very high quality feel that is our hallmark.

In general, they continue to exceed our expectations, and are a very valuable member of our development team.”

Developer, Bristol 17.08.17

“Many thanks for sending that over.

Keep up the good work – we appreciate it and are well aware of how lucky we are to have you running the place rather than other local management companies.”

Ben, Resident – Robinsons Building – Bristol. 19.06.17

“Very much appreciate your efforts. I Can’t speak highly enough of how great Bloq have been in managing and dealing with sale queries, particularly as you have only just taken over!”

NL. Owner, Bristol. 03.04.17

“Just a quick email to let you know I have made the final payments , so our account should now be up to date. Thanks so much for all your help over the last 2 years, the whole Bloq team have been great!”

JH. Resident – Bristol. 20.03.17

“Just wanted to say thank you for your prompt response to my front door distress. A colleague at work was impressed at how quickly you responded, he wishes he had the same service in his flats.”

Wendy. Resident – Bristol. 21.02.17

“This afternoon we received a visit from your colleague, Steve, about the fire alarm. He was vey kind and answered our questions..

I really appreciated your quick help to solve the problems, and I want to thank you very much for your help.”

Antonio. Resident – Bristol. 21.05.17

“Robinson turned out a good investment for use enabling us to buy a flat in London for my Son. I have an alert on my iPad keeping an eye on Robinson prices. I am pleased to see you are still there. I always considered you were doing a good job, sometimes under difficult circumstances. Good luck to you for the future. ”
Former Owner, Robinsons Building – Bristol. 18.05.17