With a background in residential new build, managing new build residential blocks and working closely with developers is second nature to us. The final stages of a new build project can be understandably frantic; having someone on your side who can write clear and concise residents guides clarifying the set up and then manage a smooth handover to owner resident companies or associations is essential. This is where we begin our communication with residents and we start as we mean to continue. And of course Developers want to protect their brand.

Here are the key steps we take to make sure the handover is as professional and hassle free as it can be:

  • Advising on leases, Memorandum and Articles of Association and resident companies.
  • Work with you to develop budgets that provide for sensible and fair apportioning of service charges
  • Creating new owner’s packs to help with settling in to their life in the new flats
  • Organising the handover from developer to Bloq
  • Organising opportunities to meet, settling any teething problems before they become major problems. By taking the time to understand how the property works from the start, we can also select the best contractors for its future care
  • Planning how best to invest in the building to reduce running costs later
  • Protecting the development’s and developer’s brand