A fresh approach to Block Management

Bloq Management are a company providing proactive and personal block management service to customers across Bristol and surrounding areas. With a background in development and property the owners had a largely poor personal experience of block management companies and a great insight on how things could be improved and so in 2013, Bloq Management was born.

So far, Bloq has grown from managing 3 blocks to more than 50 blocks and residential buildings. The strong focus is on providing a prompt and proactive service to customers. We know that all of our customers, whether leaseholders, residents or developers, have a considerable investment in their property and we aim to protect and enhance that investment as well as ensure their building is a great place to live.

From managing budgets and organising maintenance, to staying on top of legal, health and safety and leasehold issues, we take a fresh approach to managing blocks. Take a look at our ‘What we do’ pages for more information on our services and approach.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, membership of IRPM, RICS and ARMA, recognition of the building as both a home and an investment, and our proactive and efficient approach to getting things done. It’s through hard work and attention to detail that, to date, we have an unblemished compliance record and have achieved our growth through retention and recommendation. All of which are great achievements in an industry that struggles with dissatisfaction and poor customer service.


Your home is our job. Give us a call to see how we can help.